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tataria & thim group about us

Company Profile

Tataria & Thim Group is fast becoming one of India's premier real estate development companies, with significant construction and renovation operations spanning many years in the areas of residential, commercial, retail and slum rehabilitation. Tataria & Thim group is formed to develop real estate projects in India. Employing the best and most up-to-date methods of planning, project management, architectural craftsmanship, engineering, construction and workmanship, we deliver quality results with every project.

We have worked tirelessly for decades to develop our company into the great organization it has now become in the modern world of construction. As part of Tataria & Thim group Mr. Rafiq Thim has earned many accolades for successfully completing the projects on mark with lock and key considerations, with the experience and expertise of three generations on his shoulder, he is the pillar of strength in construction activities.

Jayesh Tataria, a visionary at young, has the expertise in project strategic consultations, including business plans. With his extensive experience in streamlining the entire process of development, construction and commercial transactions, the company has been able to achieve its targets on mark; he has a vision to take the company to new heights.