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tataria & thim group about us


Cost Effective And Quality Construction Services


We aim to provide cost-effective construction services with a high level of quality, facility and functionality. Our reputation demands it, and our work reflects it. The project managers and our supervisors are empowered to make necessary decisions on their projects, and serve as our front-line quality-control officers. We also demand the same precision and professionalism from our subcontractors, so that they also become an important cog in the wheel of overall project. 


Having established a sensible plan for each project, we lead the project team in working that plan efficiently and effectively. Time-honored qualities are incorporated into every project built by us. Our pre-construction services have been well tested and proven on a wide range of projects, and have often meant the difference between a facility being built and simply remaining on the drawing table. Like any new project, the preconstruction phase is, in itself, unique. We work effectively, as a co-operative team member with our clients, architects and consultant, representatives to determine and then achieve specific goals in ways that work best for each client.

With reference to above we would to reiterate that we are famous for our timely completion of Projects. We have sufficient number of technical & supervisory staffs who are capable to take jobs of any magnitude & able to deliver desired result.