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tataria & thim group about us

Mission & Vision

Mission is to care and Vision is to expand

We care about the environment.

With objectives of crafting buildings that are in harmony with the elements and provide a healthy, luxurious and fortuitous life to the present as well as future generation, we look at every step in the construction process from a green building perspective. By recommending sustainable building alternatives, we help produce efficient, user-friendly facilities that have significantly less impact on our natural resources. We built eco – friendly projects providing a healthy living environment


We care about being the best.

We believe in systematic and cost effective execution of projects in time honored frame work without compromising on quality. A team of very experienced staff as front line managers is very valuable to us in determining the choice of best methods and techniques at every step of completion of projects. We also work in close co-operation with sub contractors and allow them to their best work while promoting their awareness about their role and niche in the Big picture of overall project.