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tataria & thim group about us


Redevelopment has immense possibilities for effective and profitable way to give a new lease of life to your old habitat at n o extra cost. It is becoming very popular in housing societies which are having old buildings and space crunch for its inhabitants. Those who have gone through this process are enjoying a very comfortable life, proving that it's very economical, practical and long-term solution not only for the people of the society, also for the builder who has made this possible.

We at Tataria and Thim are a dynamic team keen on our mission to provide a complete solution to its clients in the process of redevelopment.. In the relatively short span of our existence, we have helped in carrying out quality jobs using a systematic & scientific approach and applying a professional attitude to otherwise largely unorganized sector.

We have had the pleasure of dealing with many structures including housing societies, hotels, education institutions, hospitals etc. for various services like Architecture services, RCC designs, Structural audits and stability, Building Plans and design analysis. We begin from conception of idea to end with the handing over of the agreed constructed area in the new building and the corpus money or any other monetary considerations to the society under due legal procedure.

The Company has a team of project manager, Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Architect, Executive Engineers, Supervisors and Legal Experts to support and run the redevelopment process without any hitch.