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      Second Homes

A home away from home

As the weather begins to turn you wish to be in a comfortable, cool and cozy place or you may just be fed up of being a machine in this city and a thought of a getaway immediately crops up. Many people think about a vacation abroad. Some do fly away to their favorite vacation spot, but many a time it’s neither possible nor feasible to do so as it requires a lot of pre-travel arrangements and time

Hence a good alternative is needed where you can just pickup a bag with family, friends or alone and move, It can be a cottage, a bungalow, a row house or a flat you own on the lake side or in a nature driven place. Drive for few hours away from your home, and you are in a home that gives you a complete rejuvenation weekend or may be a well deserved long rest.

A growing number of families are buying vacation homes and it's a trend that's likely to continue. If your new vacation home is close enough to your permanent residence, then it’s quite likely that after every hard week you can enjoy a weekend in bliss.

We on our part can help you in building your second home at the place of your choice. Our participation includes; choosing a right place, designing, constructing and giving you the best of lifestyle amenities available.